Within Vila Real

Line 4 of the "Corgobus" serves the majority of the hotels and the conference location at UTAD.
You can find a map with all the stops and schedules at this location

Hotel MiraneveMercado Lateral4
Residêncial MontanhêsCamara4
Hotel MiracorgoAv. 1.º de Maio4
UTAD Residence (Bloco A)Al. Grasse4
ICHoLS XIIIUTAD - Reitoria4;1
Hotel Quinta do Paço**
Casa Agrícola da LevadaBº Stª Maria1

*This hotel is not in any of the bus routes.
You can take a taxi to the hotel near the "Centro Comercial Dolce Vita" stop (Corgobus - Line 4).

You can download the schedules for line 4 in PDF format: Line 4 - Going to UTADLine 4 - Coming from UTAD

The schedules for all the lines are available here.

To Vila Real

Geosciences Building - Quinta de Prados, 5001-801 Vila Real, Portugal (view campus map)

GPS Coordinates:
NW: N 41.285913, W 7.739316 // LATLONG: 41.285913, -7.739316 // HMS: 41° 17' 9.2868", -7° 44' 21.537"

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